Terms and conditions of use

Terms and Conditions
  1. General

1.1 In these Terms and Conditions the following shall have the following meanings:

‘Customer’ refers to you or others, the buyers of Omart, who purchase the products under your Login

‘Login’ shall mean a Customer’s account login to access this Website under the customer’s identification and password

‘Product/Products’ shall mean the items sold by this Website

‘Omart’ shall mean Oregano Trading Private Limited who is the seller of the products by this Website. “This Website” shall mean this Internet site (including its social media channels and/or platforms) or catalogues owned by Omart and the medium by which Products are offered for sale and/or services offered by Omart to the Customer. 

1.2  Only registered accounts and guest accounts will be able to purchase from this Website. All the Products sold by Omart through this Website are subjected to these Terms and Conditions. By submitting an order for processing by this Website, you confirm and affirm that you have read, understood and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.

1.3 The Customer shall agree to complete the registration process for a registered account according to Omart’s requirements as stated on this Website. The Customer shall provide Omart with complete and updated information which shall include, but shall not be limited to, the Customer's legal name, address, telephone and e-mail address.

1.4 Only residents in Singapore aged 18 and above are allowed to register for an account login under this Website. Omart has the absolute discretion to refuse the registration of a potential customer and to terminate the registration of any of its Customers.

1.5 The customer is liable for every order under their Login. In the event that a third party arises from the actions of a person placing orders for the Products using the Customer's Login, the Customer agrees to indemnify Omart for all claims and damages done.

1.6 The Customer may place their order via the website at: http://omart.sg. The Customer will receive a receipt of confirmation of orders via email. For clarification, confirmation of receipt of orders does not guarantee stock availability.

1.7 For orders of value $83 or more in an order, the Customer will be entitled to free delivery. For orders of less than $83 in an order, there will be a delivery charge of $8.30. Omart shall make effort to fulfill orders placed by Customers through this Website, but Omart shall not be liable to any person if Omart shall decline to fulfill an order, or if Omart is unable to supply an order due to any unanticipated circumstances to the Product/Products (as the case may be), or due to unavailability to the Product/Products.

1.8 The Customer shall ensure that their membership number is kept strictly confidential to prevent unauthorized use. Omart shall use its best efforts to prevent any unauthorized entry to this Website. However, Omart shall not be liable for any damages or losses in the event of any third party gaining unauthorized access to this Website.

1.9 Any comments, posts or content posted or submitted or published on this Website (including its social media channels and/or platforms) by Customer or any visitor or user “User Generated Contents” are to subject to the following terms:

a) Omart shall be entitled to use, make or reproduce, disclose, distribute, create derivative works of such User Generated Contents, for any purposes, without restriction or any compensation to Customer or any visitor. Omart is under no obligation to use or post any User Generated Contents.

b) All User Generated Contents, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the person from whom such content originates. You will be solely and entirely responsible for any and all User Generated Contents that you upload, post, share or otherwise display. Omart will not be liable in any way for User Generated Contents including, but not limited to, liability for any errors or omissions in any User Generated Contents or for any loss or damage incurred as a result of the use of and/or reliance on any User Generated Contents.

c) Omart reserves the right to remove any User Generated Contents that is not relevant and/or which Omart in its own discretion deems inappropriate.

  2. Price

2.1 Omart shall make every effort to ensure that prices, details, and sizes shown on this Website are correct but Omart reserves the right to ​​alter prices and details of the Products without notice.

2.2 Not all Product sizes detailed by the website correspond to the actual product offered. Omart reserves the right to provide the nearest size of the Product at the nearest price.

2.3 Discrepancies may happen where the online bill/order price and the final bill are different due to out-of-stock products, substitutions, special offers, and weighed items. Omart reserves the right to adjust the final bill after the online bill/order price is presented or conveyed to the Customer and such adjustments shall be marked on the final bill presented to the Customer at the time of delivery.

2.4 Omart may from time to time set credit limits for individual Customers and Omart reserves the right to limit sales including the right to prohibit sales to re-sellers.

  3. Payment

3.1 Payment modes accepted on this Website are VISA, Mastercard and PayNow.

3.2 Omart may change the payment modes available for this Website. Orders may be effected and such changes shall be notified to the Customer by email or by placing a notice to this effect on this Website.

3.3 The Customer is liable to update their billing and account information regularly, and check that such information is up to date when they place an order on Omart.

  4. Delivery

4.1 Omart shall use reasonable efforts to deliver Products of acceptable quality to the delivery address specified by the Customer through their Login. Omart shall deliver the orders within the time windows selected by the Customer but Omart shall not be liable for any delays in its delivery services in the event that the delay has been caused beyond the control of Omart.

4.2 Omart will only deliver to mainland Singapore except for Jurong Island.

Delivery Information:

For order value of $83.00 and above per delivery Free Delivery
For order value less than $83.00 per delivery $8.30

4.3 The customer is to notify Omart immediately if there is a change to their delivery address and contact number.

4.4 The Customer is liable to ensure Products are delivered in acceptable condition before signing the delivery invoice. All deliveries shall be signed off by the Customer on the delivery invoices.

4.5 If the Customer has specifically instructed Omart to leave his delivery outside the door, which is at the customer’s risk, Omart shall not be liable for any loss of any Product/Products.

4.6 If the Customer is not at home during the delivery time, Omart shall leave the delivery outside the door. In the event that any Product/Products were damaged and the Customer was not present to check with delivery personnel, the Customer may request a refund before 11:59 p.m. on the day of the delivery time.

  5. Variation of Order

5.1 No cancellation or refunds if the customer wishes to cancel their order, they have to contact enquiry@omart.sg or Whatsapp us at +658895 0593within 24 hours of the order time placed.

5.2 Subject to the Customer's consent, Omart may substitute a Product for another similar Product if the initial Product ordered by the Customer is unavailable.

5.3 If there is no prior consent from the customer for a substitution, no substitution shall be made.

  6. Property Risk

6.1 The Customer is liable for Product risks upon delivery to the Customer’s address but Omart shall retain Property risks until such time.

  7. Returns of products/refund

7.1 Product images shown on this Website are (i) provided for illustration purposes and to help with Product identification; and (ii) subject to redesign and/or improvement and/or changes without notice. While Omart takes responsibility to ensure that all descriptions, details and prices of Products appearing on the Website are updated and correct during the time the information was inputted into the system, the information may change by the time an order is placed.

7.2 Omart shall use its best efforts to ensure that orders are correctly fulfilled. Should there be any discrepancy, please notify us either by email or call this Website's hotline by 11:59 p.m. of the delivery day. Returns/Refunds can be arranged under the following circumstances:

a) if any Product has been delivered in damaged condition, or if the Product has expired upon delivery, or if a Product stated in the invoice is not included in the delivery, or if the wrong Product is delivered, Omart shall either refund the Customer the value of that Product or replace the Product

b) if any Product which was not included in the Customer's order is delivered to the Customer, Omart shall collect the Product from the Customer

c) if the Customer has been charged for a Product which has not been delivered, Omart shall refund the Customer the value of the Product as originally charged to the Customer

d) If a Customer is charged more than the stated value of a Product, Omart shall refund the Customer the difference.

7.3 All refunds will be made via the same mode of payment on which the original purchase was made within five working days.

7.4 All replacements of Products shall be effected in the shortest time possible.

  8. Liabilities

8.1 The Customer shall agree that they do not use Omart’s Products in any manner and/or for any purpose for which they are unsuited for and the Customer shall be responsible for using all necessary skill and care in handling and using the products. The Customer expressly agrees that Omart assumes no obligation or liability for any advice or information given with the products and Omart assumes no responsibility for any inaccuracy or misstatement of any such information. The Customer assumes all risks connected with the use and storage of the products.

  9. Force Majeure

9.1 If the performance by Omart or any of its obligations under these Terms & Conditions is prevented by any ‘force majeure’ event (which shall include any fire, accident, act of God, natural disaster, any law, order, proclamation, regulation, demand or requirement of the government of Singapore or of any of its government agencies, strikes, labour disputes, shortage of labour or lack of skilled labour, shortage or unavailability of products or raw materials, delay in transit or other causes beyond the reasonable control of Omart), Omart shall be excused from such performance.

  10. Variations of Terms and Conditions

10.1 Omart reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion. Omart may, but does not undertake, to notify the Customer of such changes. The Customer is responsible to review the Terms and Conditions prior to submitting any order and Omart bears no responsibility to notify the Customer of any changes to the Terms and Conditions.

  11. Privacy Policy

11.1 Personal data retained by Omart relating to its Customers or visitors to this site will be kept confidential. Omart may however, use and/or provide such personal data to third parties, including but not limited to, Omart’s associated companies or trusted contractors/agents or other network operators for the purposes in connection with, or for such other services as may be consented by you. All such third parties are prohibited from using Customer's personal data except as stated herein these Terms & Conditions and they are required to maintain the confidentiality of such personal data. 

11.2 Any questions, comments, suggestions, information or content other than personal data sent, posted, or uploaded to this site by Online Customers and visitors will be deemed voluntarily provided to Omart on a non-confidential and non-proprietary basis. Omart reserves the right to use, reproduce, disclose, publish, broadcast and/or post elsewhere such information freely, in connection with the development, manufacture and marketing of products and services or to meet Customer’s needs.

11.3 Omart will disclose Customer's personal data, without notice, only if required to do so by law or in the good faith belief that such action is necessary to comply with the legal process served on Omart.

  12. Safety of Personal Data

12.1 Omart shall use reasonable efforts to ensure that any personal data retained by Omart and this Website is stored in a secure and safe place and no unauthorised access will be allowed.

 Contact Information

Should you have any general questions about the Terms of Service and how it affects you, or if you have any specific questions concerning any of its terms, please email us at enquiry@omart.sg.


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