• Meat

    Chilled and frozen meats such as poultry, pork and beef with various cuts that will suit any of your preferred choice of dishes.

  • Seafood

    Chilled and frozen seafood such as fish, prawn, crab and more.

  • Dairy

     Dairy such as milk, cream, cheese, egg and butter.

  • Processed Food

    A wide variety of frozen finger food that is easy to make such as nuggets, fries, chicken wings and more. Microwave, Oven bake or Air Fry snacks for parties and quick meals. Fishballs, meatballs, beancurd and more are perfect for hotpot and steamboat.

  • Vegetable

    Frozen vegetables ranging from black fungus to kimchi.

  • Food Pantry

    Packaged dried food items such as rice and noodles, cooking and baking needs, jams and spreads and canned food.

  • Dried Goods

    Dried goods including herbs and spices to season dishes, nuts and seeds for snacking or cooking and more.

  • Beverage

    Beverages such as soft drink, malt drink, water, coffee and tea.

  • Household Product

    Household products such as tissue, towel, kitchen, and home cleaning essentials.

  • Açaí

    Açaí, wild-harvested by hand from Amazon's palm trees, is a nutritional powerhouse containing antioxidants and healthy omegas.

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